Retirement Account "Strategery"


The funny thing about that made up word, "strategery," is that George W. Bush now doesn't know for sure if it was he or Will Ferrell who first said it. Hint: it was Ferrell. 

For many investors, a lot of thought and "strategery" goes into selecting which investments make up their portfolio. But it seems that retirement accounts are often left unattended for years or are sitting in a "one-size fits all" target date fund.

We often hear people say, “I haven’t looked at the allocations I chose for my 401(k) in years” or “I don’t have the time or knowledge to continually monitor the markets and analyze my investment choices.” 

When you established your retirement plan (401(k), 401(b), 401(a) 457, etc.), you were likely asked to determine your allocations from among a fixed menu of options in areas such as bonds, equities and balanced funds. You may have decided on your own or with a family member, friend, co-worker or even with the help of a knowledgeable advisor. But regardless of how you decided, one thing for certain is that you decided at a point in time.

The thing is: markets change, information changes…even the investment options available to you may change. How are you factoring that into your retirement plan?

If you are like many investors, you may conclude that you have not been giving this significant investment the attention it deserves. But you should know that there are options available to you to change this.

Did you know that you may be able to add active money management to your employer-sponsored retirement plan or Rollover IRA? 

This means continual monitoring and allocation for your portfolio through changing market conditions. Further, you can evaluate the universe of investment options available through your plan to match your current allocations to current market conditions.

Why is this important?

It means you can take more control of your investments. Let's face it, market volatility is the nature of the financial markets. Active management offers a way to respond. It can be hard to hear the financial news and feel helpless, but wouldn’t it be great to have that peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your account is being managed? Your investments don’t have to fully ride the ups and downs of the market. 

With active management services, you can take your retirement plan assets from a static or neglected investment to a dynamic asset being managed at the core of your investment portfolio.

Here's the kicker: not every employer plan is eligible.

How can you find out if yours is eligible? Easy, CLICK HERE.


Ryan Clair